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1.EMC testing

It has come to our attention that some  of our "competition ?" are claiming that we do not have EMC test facilities. 

This is not so, we have not advertised the facilities while we have been busy completing an exciting new range of radio talkback products which will be launched in the New Year.

Although our "competition ?"  use caravans ! to isolate the outside world, we have proper EMC test facilities. If you doubt us, you are welcome to visit and see our purpose built EMC test chamber measuring 5m * 3.7m * 2.4m. This superb facility with 120 db screening from the outside world contains camera monitoring, rotating test table, and variable height antennas, together with an Hewlett Packard test package. If this is not enough, we also have a full Laplace suite of equipment for easy go / no go test certification.

  • Screened RFI chamber

  • 120 db isolation

  • Hewlett Packard test equipment

  • rotating test table

  • variable height antennas

  • camera monitoring

  • automated test routines

  • test printouts

  • HP equipment allows testing with pre-selector filters in strong signal conditions

  • variable voltage and frequency supply to test equipment for foreign countries.

Antenna Array on variable height mast

Rotating turntable

Hewlett Packard RFI / EMC test package with GPIB control

  • Dry hire our facility from £200 plus vat per day to undertake your own testing.

  • Test as many items as you want for £200 per day.

  • Carry out modifications on the "fly" to correct EMC problems.

  • Single item testing and certification from £100 plus vat.

| Tel: 0 (44) 2476 602605