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All products illustrated on this web site can be hired from ourselves, for surprisingly little money.

Radio hire covers everything from a pair of walkie talkies for a weekend garden party to a full trunked radio system.

As well as large stocks of radios, we also carry large supplies of special accessories, i.e. we can supply 100 off noise cancelling headphones, or 200 covert mics etc etc.

We will hire equipment for an hour to several years.

Typical events where we have provided a large trunked radio system are :-

  • Commonwealth Games 2002 Manchester - 3200 radios.
  • VE day Celebrations in Hyde Park
  • VJ day Celebrations in St James Park
  • Nottinghill Carnival ( for many years )
  • Music Live Manchester
  • Commonwealth leaders summit in Edinburgh
  • EEC summit at ICC Birmingham
  • ASSEM Summit London
  • EEC summit Cardiff
  • and many other conferences and events
  • Eurovision 1998
  • Farnborough 1998
  • Glastonbury Festival
  • Edinburgh Hogmany Celebrations ( for many years, and booked for the Millenium )
  • Glasgow Hogmanay Celebrations

Your requirements may not be so vast, but we will give them the same care and attention.

For short term periods ( upto 1 year ) we will licence the equipment under our Short Term Hire licence.

If you wish to rent equipment from ourselves for periods exceeding this, we will be pleased to assist you, and would normally get you to apply for a normal PMR licence from the Radio Communications Agency.

But if you are a Broadcast Organisation, Theatre or dealing with a special event we may obtain special licences from JFMG. which enable us to grant facilities such as constant carrier full duplex operation that are not covered by the normal Short Term Hire Licence.

We have an extensive hire fleet based on the latest Motorola Professional series of radios and accessories. Whatever your hire requirement,  whether two or three handsets for a small weekend event, or a hundred  plus units for a long term construction project. We have a package to meet your exact needs

Hire packages are based on the following Motorola equipment:

  • GP300, GP340, GP640, GP344, GP680 Handset
  • GM350, GM340, GM360, and GP1280 Mobiles
  • Local Base Stations
  • MTR2000 Talkthrough Base complete with Duplexer and Aerial
  • Both VHF and UHF equipment is available

All radio packages include a spare battery per radio, a rapid 1 hour charger, cases, clips and appropriate Licence, together with a choice of a full range of accessories including Headsets, Speaker  Microphones, Ear pieces, and Cases.

Hires also ship with one or more Service Spare Radios in case of damage or failure - You will not be charged for this providing a defective unit (s) are identified and returned to the Service Spare Kit.

To Hire Radio equipment Existing Customers Click Here or Telephone (Free) 0800 731 1013



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